Join Eddie, the one eyed pit-bull and his mama on their touching journey and the real life stories of other dogs like him that got rescued by kind angels like you. 
We know you will enjoy the tales of wonderful dogs finding love and their forever home and be deeply moved by them. A book for all generations of animal lovers. 

Meet Dog Lover Book Author Eddie Justice

Eddie Justice is about 8 years old.  He met his mama December 1st of 2012 and has not been hungry, cold, or sad since that day.  He lives in Morrisville, Vermont on 12 acres in a log cabin, where he is free to run around wherever he wants and meets new friends all the time.  He also goes on walks every day with different human and animal friends and is incredibly excited about that.  He and his mama decided that all the proceeds of the book will go to animal rescue so many other dogs will be as lucky as he is!  And last,but not least, he prefers convertibles to closed cars, at least in the summer!

   All Proceeds will go to ANIMAL RESCUE

Meet Dog Lover Book Illustrator Kathy Washburn

Katherine Washburn has been creating pottery since the age of four. There was never a time in Katherine ‘s life when there wasn’t some sort of paint or clay. Schooled in a small studio in New London, Katherine went on to attend small oil classes, and pottery classes at the Lyman Allen Museum. She now lives with her husband John, and their dog Molly, in Vermont, where she continues her craft in the area of ceramics.
Visit her website and order some of her beautiful custom pottery at

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