I attended one of Eddie Justices book readings (along with 13 other dogs, 7 cats, and a nervous ferret), and enjoyed Eddie's reading so, I bought the book, which you'll find full of colorful, lively illustrations by Eddie's friend (Kathy Washburn). Eddie Justice's "Eddie's Tails" will entertain, warm, and inform, all shapes, sizes, and breeds ... of dogs and humans. It's no secret Eddie is a supremely talented writer -- I still haven't figured out how he types with them big ole paws and just one eye. Buy "Eddie's Tails" read it, then gift it. A clever feller would.  
Rusty DeWees: Actor, comedian, author SCRAWLINS, SCRAWLINS TOO, producer THE LOGGER 

About the Book: Eddie's Tails

Some of the beautiful illustrations:

Eddie's Tails will break your heart with joy. These stories remind us how to be good. Eddie shows us the value of compassion, kindness and love. You will be a better and more mindful person after reading these touching stories.

Arnie Kozak: Author of Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants: 108 Metaphors for Mindfulness